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Solve fights the new fashioned way

A new site called may be the greatest marriage and couples aide ever invented. The concept is that if you are fighting with your significant other and can’t decide who is right and who’s wrong then you can air it out anonymously while letting people of the world give you advice and make the decision on who should apologize. This is based on their feeling that far too many divorces, break ups, and separations happen over non-critical disputes. In a fight, each person has their side and are usually backed by their friends (on either side) but when you can create a jury of anonymous peers to decide who is right or wrong in an argument, then the bias is gone. The site has to have both sides of the story before it goes live and it is only text with no photos or video allowed. You can read both sides, vote for the side you believe, leave comments or advice and see similar disputes. It is an interesting attempt to solve a horrible trend and it would be interesting to see some numbers on if it is working.

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