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I was just asked by the people over at the WebAwards to review both candidates Web sites and this is not an endorsement but I have been really impressed with just how well Barac Obama’s campaign has embraced and used digital media in this years presidential campaign. I have written before about how I was impressed with their Web site that is very well designed, they have embraced and used social media in really intelligent ways and today I saw they had launched a really smart and very well done iPhone app. I think it is smart because you are giving people a way to connect to the campaign in their own time and on the most personal technology they own. Some of the most interesting and well thought out features of the app include –

Call a Friend:
This feature was designed to let you call friends to promote the campaign but the smart twist it is organized with your friends in the key battle ground states listed first. Each friend has a status so you can see if you have called them through the app or not. There is also a Call Stats page where you can how many calls you have made, how many calls have been nationwide, how many calls have been placed by the top caller and how many active callers are using the app. I think this again is really smart because it connects you to the larger but potentially disconnected group so you feel like really are part of a movement.

Get Involved:
This pulls your current GS position to show you the nearest Obama office.

Everything Else:
The rest of the features are what you would expect but they do a really good job of using nearly all of the iPhone available features. Receive Updates lets you sign up for news and announcements but you can choose either text messages or email. News pulls down national and local campaign news and Local Events lets you find local events, share by email and get maps and directions which feeds into the Maps application. Media lets you browse videos and photos through the corresponding interfaces. The app is rounded out in the bottom bar with a countdown to election day and small but noticeable donate button. The button triggers a call to their donation hot line which was a bit unexpected as I was thinking it would open an online form.

It will be interesting to see if the intelligent use of digital does make a real difference in the final outcome and I am going to watch the numbers in the Call Stats to see how they grow as time winds down.

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