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Doritos opens Hotel 626


With Halloween right around the corner, Doritos has launched a new horror-themed campaign called Hotel 626 to promote the re-launch of the Taco and Four Cheese flavored chips. The first thing you will find out is that the site is only live from 6pm to 6am EST. This decision to limit access to the site to only nighttime is an interesting one not only to create atmosphere and I can’t remember another site that has done something like this. I did play a hunch and found a cheat because it appears that the site reads the clock on your computer so if you change it be in the right hour range you can access the site during the day.

The experience begins in a first person view with you waking up in your hotel room hearing strange sounds coming from the hall way. From there it grows into an experience that reminded me of playing Silent Hill as you explore 13 different rooms and I recommend you have your webcam and microphone turned on to get the most out of it and to help you get past some of the challenges. I am not going to give away too many details or surprises but in order to get out of the hotel you have to complete tasks like chasing ghosts and listening to a mad man so you can get out of a locked room (hint: count the red items).

So without going into too much detail for those who haven’t had the experience I will only say that this is a compelling experience that draws you into it but does it make you want to buy Doritos?


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