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Levis – one part sensitive onion, one part trowser beast.

Levi’s is one of those brand that I am just not sure how to feel about anymore. On the one hand they recently launched their commercial called “Onion Peel” that is a very artsy, monochromatic spot that celebrates the “average woman” who is comfortable with herself and her Levi’s jeans. This expresses a sophisticated and more upscale brand that is in touch with their customers. They then followed this up with a sophomoric humor level, EVB-produced viral campaign that urges men to “Unbutton your beast”. Unbutton your beast site let’s you choose from one of nine different beasts who can say a pre-recorded message or you can create your own.

So the struggle I have is trying to evaluate this strategy on if it is really smart or really dumb. The smart side can be argued by them creating two different campaigns that are tailored to their different targets to get the most attention from each. The argument for the dumb side is more personal for me because as a man when I look at the two campaigns it bothers me that they think women are motivated by a sophisticated and empowering campaign and men are motivated by their crotch. This is one of those issues that I would love to hear from you on and how you successful or flawed this approach is for their brand.


  1. ShortNorther

    October 24, 2008 at 6:14 am

    as i slipped into my hypodermic needle outfit, I found myself, at the end of my levis experience, wanting a pair of Levi’s.

    I get your point about being bothered by men being motivated by their crotch. And although that’s not what I’m about, a majority of guys ARE motivated by their crotch.

    All in all, I say job well done by Levis, and I love how you can call in and record your own message. This was new to me

  2. urbaneskimo

    November 2, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    I think this is really, really stupid. It’s just another rendition of elf yourself, this time with a monster in jeans.

    it’s not personal, it makes no sense, i don’t see how it connects me to levi’s jeans, it’s NOT FUN. There’s no depth and very little thought into entertainment. I’m all for UGC but I think that Levi’s took the easy way out on this one. They need to hire more copywriters and cut back on their Art Department. Thinking with only design in mind is narrow and thin, and that’s whats coming across to me.

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