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Branding – The New Pepsi Challenge

After seeing decreases in sales between 2% and 5% in different beverage categories Pepsi has decided to put their branding through the washing machine. These images are some of the leaked imagery of the before and after logos, how those break out across the portfolio and what some of the new packaging will look like. This is the latest in a recent parade of brands that seems to think that their slumping sales will be fixed by shaking up their branding. Only time will tell if this strategy will work but this feels like they are fixing the front door to stop the leaks in the roof.

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  1. S D

    November 3, 2008 at 11:21 am

    Is this a Joke? Some guy with the illustrator warp tool went to town on the pepsi logo?

    Do i have to march over to Pepsi and tell them what people want in times of percieved recession? They want COMFORT in the KNOWN, the reliable, the RELATABLE.

    What they dont want is out and out CHANGE.

    A logo, especially from an institution like Pepsi is part of the cultural HORIZON.. its like a mountain way in the background… You know it… you have seen it many times.. passed by it almost everyday on your way around town.. heck you have even driven right up to it.

    If it is suddenly “changed” that sends a signal that even the LANDSCAPE around you is UNSTABLE and INFLUENCED by the very fear YOU ARE TRYING TO conquer yourself!

    Pepsi is driving around in circles looking for its tail. Not to mix metaphors but, what they are missing is the understanding that they are a cultural STRENGTH by the very fact that they are a Long standing INSTITUTION. What every institution has to offer is a place to come for a dose of that comforting strength.. a place to keep coming back to because it is a vortex of CLARITY amidst a sea of cultural upheaval.. of CHANGE.

    So USE that institution.. use the pedigree. use the comfort. use the dynamic strength of “been there done that”… and attach the campaign ethic to that ‘engine’ and let it drive around town reminding everyone that some things are SOLID and reliable and fun… Pepsi is here .. and always will be…. YOU are here and will live through this “bump” in the culture… life is good… PEPSI.

    Ok. back to work.. thanks for letting me rant! I know it is “just” a logo to some… but… I care about my “environment” and logos are like trees in my backyard… dont cut them down unless they are truly blocking the light… and dont unnessarily freak out and “trim” them into funny shapes to trick people into paying atttention to them!!

    Just be a frikn TREE.


    ~~Sean Day Michael

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