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Politics and the Internet – Where America can let it’s anonymous inner racist bigot shine through.

Today I find hope that America may finally have been roused from it’s mental coma into paying attention to what is going on in this country. However, I find myself unable to let the day passes into the history books without a personal commentary on the role of new media and hate have played in this election.

I have written before about how the use of new media has been taken to a whole new level in this years presidential campaign and I think using that technology in new and intelligent ways has had an effect on keeping people engaged and motivated to take action today. I think it has also played a disgusting role in showing just how far the human race still has to go to achieve basic human decency. If you limited the scope of this to just Facebook you will see on applications like “Pieces of Flair” which was created to spoof the restaurant in the move Office Space and it is filled with buttons calling Obama a terrorist and showing him as a monkey because he is black. You see postings and imagery comparing McCain to the Nazi’s and I am sure there is even more there but I got to fed up to keep looking.

I can’t begin to kid myself into thinking that this type of thinking isn’t there everyday in more people than we would all like to admit in this country. This election and the increased role of the internet and the tools it has to offer has given people permission to express their true selves on a scale that I have never seen before. They are emboldened to let express their true racist, bigoted, hate filled feelings and thinking because they have a platforms, easy to access tools and they are safely hidden by the anonymity of the internet. I think it’s that last part that really makes the difference because they can now say things they would probably NEVER say to another human being without the strong desire to experience the level service at the local trauma ward.

I understand not agreeing with someone’s point of view and I understand being passionate about your beliefs. I will never understand how that gives you the right to think that because someone thinks differently than you do then you all bets are off and you can say they aren’t human because of the color of their skin or compare them to a movement that killed millions of innocent people. Because for me that goes across the line to a small minded hate filled place that isn’t going to make anything better for anyone. My hope is for the children of those people that maybe the Internet will expose them to the fact that there is a big world out there filled with different people, beliefs, and races who that that you don’t get bigger by tearing people around you down.

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