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SHSK’H Music Player


I am a sucker for really clean information design and unique interface design that is new but still easy to understand. The new site from SHSK’H does all of those things extremely well. The site starts simply enough with four dots that are held in place by a number of elastic strings. Rolling over one of the dots sticks it to your cursor and you can move it around and play with the kinetic nature of the physics. Clicking on one of the dots will make it zoom up and each of the strings that bound the dot changing to represent music tracks in the volume of music. As the song begins to play an audio graph of the music begins to scroll down the line for the selected track which is subtle but adds an engaging element to the experience. Changing tracks can be done one of two ways either with the dot itself which has taken on iPod like controls or just clicking on the string and track you are interested in. For me this type of design is some of my favorite because it is so clean and so simple but I know how hard it is to design something that is this simple but stays so usable and engaging.

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