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Bon Apetite energizes print ads with digital extension

I love to cook and I always seem to have subscriptions to various cooking magazines but I rarely get anything out of them that makes it worth the time or money to get them. A few months back Bon Appetit underwent what I think is the most impressive publication re-design I have ever seen. The re-designed and modernized everything about the magazine bringing in interesting content, great recipes and some of the best food photography I have ever seen.

This months issue brought something else interesting with their new Snap It promotion they are doing with AT&T. In an effort to get people to notice the advertising in their magazine they are trying something new by bringing mobile into the equation. To enter their sweepstakes you have to take a photo of one of 34 ads and email or text it in to them to be entered. This actually gets people to seek out the advertising in the magazine and spend more time with it than they normally would. It is also easier with fewer steps than if you saw a promotion in the magazine,got out your computer, went to their web site and filled out the form to enter. I like seeing different mediums converging like this to create something new and strengthen each other. i am just surprised it took this long to start to happen.

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