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ACSII art is back with a vengeance

It is true that everything old becomes new again and you only have to look at the recent return of the original computer graphics ASCII art to see that is true. This site and unique animation are just two of the most recent and best examples.

March of Dimes – What Are You Wondering?
This site from the March of Dimes runs an animation of a crawling new born shown in a screen full of questions about parenting and babies. The interface is simple and well executed as you are able to type in a question into a form field and the corresponding questions light up in the field of questions also being used for the baby animation. The combination of style and functionality is too rare and a nice example of how the two can be combined and retain the best parts of both.

AC/DC Rocks Your Excel File

The most recent album from AC/DC dropped recently and the first single ‘Rock n Roll Train’ had a video unlike anything I had ever seen before. I first saw it on YouTube and someone sent me the actual file shortly there after. The unique thing is that the video is done completely in an Excel spreadsheet file (you can download it for yourself here). They took the video and converted it to ASCII art and when shown like a flip book creates the video.

If trends like this continue I will be back programming my own 8 bit video games out of computer magazines in no time.

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