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Volvo Creative 30

Volvo is one of those brands through the years that keeps flirting with ventures to appeal to the creative class. Now Vice, Yahoo! and British newspaper The Independent have teamed up to find the top 30 emerging creatives from the U.K in a new campaign for Volvo. The website lets you vote for their favorite creative by watching a video about them and their work. The creatives aren’t just from advertising and range from tattoo artists to journalists to designers. The winner was determined by fan votes and William Chambers drove away with a newly redesigned Volvo C30 while Katie Paterson walked away with £10,000.

the tie back to the Volvo band and specifically the C30 is that it is supposed to be the zenith of the new Volvo design language sporting the smallest, yet most expressively designed of all Volvos. It is an interesting angle for the brand to try and get a younger customer base and it actually make sense since this model has the lowest MSRP of any vehicle in their lineup. I am not sure of the creative class is quite ready to embrace the historically safe and stuffy brand but it is nice to see them try and branch out in a few different ways.

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