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Firstborn Sinks Big Spaceship


I love how digital real estate has become the new commodity to bet between friends and companies. I recently lost a controversial bet on the Steelers and Chargers football game where the winner got complete control of the losers Facebook status for a week to do his worst with. If the touchdown at the end of the game had counted the way it should of then I would have won. The ref’s bumbled decision meant I lost and bedlam ensued with me having to post a weeks worth of Miley Cirus status updates.

Last Friday my friends at Firstborn Multimedia took on my other friends over at Big Spaceship in an epic battle of sorts. The two agencies played each other in friendly games of basketball, ping-pong and foosball. Firstborn walked away victorious. It was only then that the truth came out that the real bet was made between both agency CEO’s Michael Ferdman and Michael Leibowitz for whovever wins gets to redirect traffic to their site for who knows how long?! Today Firstborn claimed their winnings with a stab at Big Spaceship’s employees. Click here to check it out. It is funny on it’s own. If you have ever met any of the characters involved in this it is hysterical.

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