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Microsoft SeaDragon zooms into mobile

A year and a half ago I wrote about a new technology that Microsoft had acquired
called Photosynth that was built on another technology called SeaDragon. Sea Dragon lets you browse graphics and photos regardless of the amount of data or the bandwidth of the network and Photosynth stitches them together into a 3-D space. Both technologies were then and remain very impressive and I see a lot of potential uses for both. Today the SeaDragon technology was release as the first ever Microsoft application for the iPhone. If you listen really hard you can hear Steve Jobs laughing because it seems that this application which Microsoft takes so much pride in can’t run on Windows Mobile. This version of the technology is really more of a tech demo and only has about 50 sample images but you can also add your own images through your own Photosynth account. It is pretty slick, it is free and it is worth checking out so one of us can figure out how to work this into an idea and get it to have a wider adoption.

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