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Ogilvy’s advice on the recession has a recession

I came across an interesting site today from Ogilvy who ever trying to spin the message has launched a site all about the recession in an attempt to keep brands from cutting their budgets. This site gives you access to a series of booklets with titles like ‘Optimizing The Marketing Budget In Recession’ and ‘Turning Shoppers Into Buyers’. They are target at CMOS and CEOs to highlight strategies and tactics to try and take advantage of different channels through these economic troubles.

Enough about the set-up. So after reading the into to the site I was curious and wanted to see what they had to say about turning shoppers into buyers. I clicked on the link and low and behold a lead generation form pops-up which is to be expected on something like this. I filled out the form and hit download to get the PDF. A few quick seconds later the file had downloaded and popped open in Acrobat. The first thing I noticed was that it was only 1 page which seemed strange but maybe it was some really good and really condensed knowledge. I scrolled down to find…. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE #@$%ING ME.

After all the lead up, after the pitch to position themselves as the shepherd who can get you through the storm all you get is a 1 page coming soon PDF? You expect clients to trust you next year with their limited budgets when they are under intense pressure for results when you can’t even come up with the goods on your own advice? I will check back next week and see if any real content shows up and if it does I will write a follow up on what they have to say.

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