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How letting the public decide who gets fired can increases your business

Everyone knows the economy is in the tank and there are a lot of really talented creatives out of the street right now and more will probably be joining them soon. In the best move I have seen related to these issues Brussels agency So Nice asked the public to do their dirty work for them by having them choose which of their employees should be laid off. The their site,, let each member of the the 10 person agency list their strengths and weaknesses in the hopes of making a case that they now be let go.

They decided to take this tactic because they had numerous delinquent clients combined with the economic downturn was forcing them into layoffs. So Nice co-founder Laurent Duffaut said “It’s really a cry of frustration about the unjust choice that we have to make. We are not responsible for what’s happening to us.”. After the site was posted and an email was sent out to 100 clients the site had 30,000 unique visitors viewing 70,000 profiles and casting 17,500 votes in just 5 days. Turns out that their online gamble paid off because the clients who hadn’t paid their bills coughed up the cash, they had tons of new business leads and they no longer needs to let anyone go.

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