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Layer Tennis – season two


Coudal Partners, a design studio out Chicago, is at it again with season two of their Layer Tennis series. Last year they broadcast the first live games of Layer Tennis which is a technique I have used with my designers for years and it is where two designers (or two small teams of artists) will swap a file back and forth, adding to and embellishing the work. Each artist gets fifteen minutes to complete a “volley” and then we post that to the site. This allows the group and the work to quick explore new directions and not get stuck in the vision of just one person. My favorite match of last year was between Jason Koxvold and James Hutchinson which was an astounding display of what each could do in just 15 minutes per volley. You can catch up on season one by here by going through the 14 archived matches from last year. New matches will again be aired on Friday’s and you can sign up for free season tickets here.

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