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Nick Jones – a portfolio that is the best of both worlds


One of the things I wish I would see more of are personal portfolio sites that are well executed and filled with really good work. You see some sites that are well executed but none of the work they are are showing off can keep up with the portfolio. Other times you see the bare bones site filled with good work but then that makes it hard to get a sense of their role in the project. It took me 2 years to update my site so I know how hard it can be to find the time to put anything together.

I saw one this week that did catch my eye from designer Nick Jones. The site has a really nice but simple interface that lets you scroll through all the projects and then see the corresponding work. It keeps that interaction on one screen which makes it easy and fast to get a sense of the quality and scope of his work. That was the one problem I wasn’t able to solve and I think is a big weakness of my portfolio site as you can do something like this within the body of work for one client but you can’t do it between the bodies of work or different clients. It is good stuff and worth checking out.


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