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Facebook advertising standards are a hypocritical joke.


So I will assume if you are reading this that the headline got your attention. It’s a direct reflection of how sick and tired I am of feeling the need to write this parade of articles about just how hypocritical Facebook is about a lot of things.

About a month ago we all watched as Facebook take down the Burger King campaign Whopper Sacrifice because it went again what they called the site’s “user expectations”. This means that the ad created an experience or an action that went against what user would expect when they use the site. So they made their line in the sand with that decision and we all took note. So tonight as I was mindlessly cruising the site something caught my eye that made what they did to Whopper Sacrifice even more of a complete hypocritical joke. What caught my eye were the two ads I took screenshots of and are just a sampling of actual ads that are running right now on Facebook. They are built to look exactly like the Facebook user interface and in some cases have absolutely no advertising message at all. At least with Whopper Sacrifice there was a message about what was going to happen while here you have a “user expectation” that is just a complete lie.

Once again I am completely baffled with who is so asleep at the wheel at Facebook with all of these issues. They have a site that every advertiser would kill to be able to harness and would throw buckets of cash at them to do it but they can’t keep their head out of their ass long enough to have it happen. We all can see the potential but right now I wouldn’t let any of the brands under my watch spend any money to create a major campaign on Facebook because if this kind of stupidity. The fact that Facebook can’t see that is the biggest reason why they are going to have nothing but these bush league ads on their site for the foreseeable future.

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