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Kern – The typesetting video game

I am a type nerd and I freely admit it. I proved it once again today by how happy I got after I downloaded and found out how freakishly good I am at KERN the new iPhone game from FORMation. It’s a typesetting game where a random type-centric word with a missing letter appears at different point sizes. the word beings to fall down the screen (the leading shrinks) and you have to get the missing letter to the proper space. The sooner your lock it in place and the placement accuracy is measured and your score is calculated based on the size of the type, the leading height, and the perfection of placement—all measured in points of course. If your placement is too bad you will form an unnecessary ligature and if you get five of them then you lose the game. The game design is a Bauhaus playground with a stark black background with clean white Helvetica type accented only the occasional grey line or interface element. the design and game play make KERN a fun diversion for anyone who loves typography. Also check out their Eye vs Eye iPhone game that pits 2 designers against each other to see who has the best eye for color.

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