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Another new face for Facebook – What do you think?

So by now you all have probably seen that today Facebook once again overhauled the information architecture and some of the design element of their site like your status has not been replaced by ‘What’s on your mind?” with a ‘Share’ call to action. So this time instead of me going through and laying out all of my thoughts on the changes I want to hear from you. What do you think of the changes? Is it easier to use? Should they have done it? Throw your thoughts in the comments and I will weigh in after a few days with my thoughts.

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  1. Nick

    March 16, 2009 at 8:18 am

    I had gotten used to the last one (which I hated at first, and so did a lot of other people). I’m reserving judgement a little on this one since I fully expect to become accustomed to it fast as I did the last one. BUT!

    I don’t think they’ve really improved on the last one. It’s just seems different for the sake of being different. I think some of the features, like groups, and fan pages are even harder to navigate now.

    I think the update is too soon. The previous homepage didn’t even last a year! Is that what we can expect from the frantic pace of the internet? Constant change! New, new, new!

    It’s too much like twitter. Yeah, facebook has always had the spontaneous update feature which was basically the same as twitter. But the interfaces were different, which made it clear that while the functionality was similar the sites/applications were very different. I think the push towards the Twitter like update feature moves facebook further away from they’re position as a robust and fully integrated social networking site.

    I’m expecting either a move towards full integration between facebook and twitter, or a move by facebook to pull users off twitter and exclusively into facebook as a multi-stream micro-communication tool. Which I think is a bad idea, because it sells short other aspects of the site by either making them difficult to navigate to, or by downplaying them in favor of the status updates. And frankly, most peoples status updates are not intelligent/informative/funny enough to warrant having them so prominent in the hierarchy.

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