To Top gets broken up with Apple Ad

Back in January I wrote about the re-design of
and how a large driving force in the re-design was allow for more unique advertising opportunities as they had just made a major move to end their relationships with all their ad networks and declined any new offers. The latest brand to use these new opportunities that are now available from this move is Apple who have launched a new iPod Touch ad to take advantage of the start of the NCAA tournament. It is similar to the iPod Touch TV commercials where multiple sets of hands play multiple games on the iPod Touch and they are superimposed over each other in rapid succession. The interesting twist here is that as the hands move in and out of the ad they break, rearrange, move and remove the main navigation of the site. It is a cool effect but it was done in an intelligent way so that if you aren’t interested in the ad and just want to get into the site when you roll over the navigation area the actual navigation will jump in front of the ad so you can us it like you normally would. I’m not sure how long it is going to be up there so check it out while you can.

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