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Tag line envy for campaign started their foray into advertising with a really strong debut commercial with Alex Balwin during the Superbowl which many people don’t know that Hulu didn’t pay for their ad time in the Superbowl. It was part of a deal they had with the networks where they would get some free advertisement during a certain time, Hulu was able to capitalize on mediocre ad sales for the big game and so they could pick the Superbowl. From that starting point they went on to feature Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane. After the strength of the first two the third one with Eliza Dushku felt like her new show – flat and not engaging. They have thankfully rebounded from that with one of my favorite comics Dennis Leary doing the oration style that he does best. The twist of having the celebrities double as aliens with TV as their plot to take over the world is funny, sarcastic and creates a visual that would stop a rampant TiVo fast forward. But the smartest part of the concept is that it is all based in the shared American experience of having an adult tell you that “TV will rot your brain” so everyone can relate and connect with the ads. For me the best part is the tag line of “An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy”. It is that funny and slightly irreverent line we have all had in our pitch that all the creatives want but never makes it to the client because it gets killed by the account guy the night before the presentation. So seeing something like that in the finished ad gives me tag line envy.

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