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The Konami Code bedazzles and flares on to Facebook


Those of us old enough to remember playing early video games on the Nintendo Entertainment System will probably also remember the Konami cheat code that was used in a lot of those early games. Hitting Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter would trigger the code. That sequence took on new meaning last week when entering the code into either or Facebook would trigger two different Easter eggs to appear on those sites. On after entering the code each click on the site would would spawn an array of colorful unicorns but once it was widely known it was quickly removed from the site. It was then discovered that Facebook also had a Konami code Easter egg where if you entered the code and clicked on the site it would generate a Babylon 5-esque lens flair. From there it has been found n 25 more sites including, Facebook, Digg, Google Reader and more. You can see the complete list on this sites but , of course, you have to enter the Konami code to unlock the content. At this point it isn’t clear if this is the work of hackers, mischievous web designers or a marketing campaign for Konami for something at the upcoming E3 video game conference. The fact that a web site and Twitter feed were up and running when the outbreak happened has me leaning towards the later two options but only time till tell.

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