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CP+B + Interns + eBay = Keeping your word

I saw a note from Alex Boguky over at CP+B today that this summer they are auctioning off their interns talents. The winning bidder will receive a creative presentation developed the interns over a three month period, consisting of strategies, recommended brand positioning and concepts but no production services or finished advertising materials will be provided. The winning bidder will be provided the type of advertising services that they seek, but CP+B reserves the right to decline services in the event of a conflict with any of their existing clients or for any other reason (like if you sell cigarettes). Right now the bidding is at $1500 but it has 9 days to go so I will be curious to see where to lands and who wins. I would also love to see the final results or the process if the winner would allow them to make it public.

This is a complete guess on my part but IF this idea was a result of a situation where they would either have to cancel the internships because of the economy or do something creative like this then I want to applaud their actions. This business have far too few people who care enough about people, let alone the little people, in their organizations to go to this kind of length to be sure they would keep their word and deliver the interns the experience of being able to work at their agency.

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