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Yahoo! adds new new advertising, I mean, consumer functionality


Today Yahoo! put their new home page design in to beta by making it available to the public. The only real change seems to be the addition of a ‘my favorites’ column that now appears on the left hand side of the page. It functions like Apple Safari’s top sites where you can you can add preset Yahoo! sites and categories or add your own sites. It is an overhaul of the block that used to appear on the right side of the page that would slide open to reveal updates of Yahoo! content like mail. Once this new version is set up you can then scroll down the list of site to see news, updates and summaries of what is new on the selected sites. It sounds like an interesting idea but the execution disappointing as the information display is really primitive often looking like nothing more than an early RSS reader. It seems like the main reason for developing the update is the box ad unit now appears in each panel so they can then increase their ad impressions. MI can only hope they will refine and improve it throughout the beta because as it is there isn’t much to write home about.

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