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Mad Men Myself exploits thumbnail social branding


Like SimpsonizeMe, Mad Men Myself allows you to create your alter ego in the world of that TV show. The interesting difference between the two is that where the Simpson’s only let you email or save the photo, the new Mad Men site encourages you to spread the the resulting personal caricature and their branding around through social media as your profile photo. That simple addition is really smart since you constantly see so many people clamoring to find some new and unique way to express themselves through social media sites. Since all my friends are in and around advertising my Facebook status feeds are now filled with these images. When seen in those kinds of numbers it becomes an interesting social experiment to see how people see themselves through a medium like that versus your mental image of how you would have created the same thing for them. I think that if you are going to create this type of tool for people to be able to immerse themselves in your world you also have to give them the ability to easily integrate the results into their digital social life.

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