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Facebook Lite – A new version of Facebook also known as Twitter


Facebook is continuing their quest to become Twitter with the beta launch of Facebook Lite that’s a stripped-down version of the current version of Facebook. It can best be described as your Twitter stream with a Facebook skin as the site will contain your most recent status updates and the updates of your friends. There is a left-hand navigation with four categories: Wall, Info, Friends, and Photos & Videos but I haven’t been able to see if this will be like the current versions of this or if it will also be stripped down. This continues to support my belief that they are just lost a sea without any real vision of how to truly evolve the site. They are trying to position it as instead of a move to copy Twitter it is a way to speed up Facebook with a lighter content load. If you believe that I have some swamp land I want to sell you that’s about 3 acres at low tide.

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