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London Calling (For designers)

I have seen tons of brands that have lost their way and identity as they have hung on more and and more logos under the corporate umbrella but I can’t happening to a city. With the Olympics right around the corner London is trying to clarify their identity and have put out a substantial RFP to create a unified brand for London, set the direction for London after 2012 and develop an international promotion into a powerful policy mechanism. I can’t say I blame them going through a process like this after seeing the PR nightmare that created after the reveal of the disjointed 2010 Olympics logo. If you are feeling like your brand jung fu is strong you can request an invitation to tender a submission here. The firm Moving Brands has already publicly said that they will be submitting a response and they have taken the interesting step of make their process open to and informed by public opinion at their blog called A Brand For London. The blog has only been live for 3 days and they already have 3 pages of posts so it will be interesting to watch and see how the work evolves and is influenced by the comments left on the blog.

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