To Top – fewer ideas, more follow-through

I have been a fan of the work that Scott Belsky and Behance has been doing since I was asked to be part of the beta group that launched the site. Scott is always fascinating speaker who has a team that creates interesting content and tools for creatives as well as holding one of the two conferences I actually look forward to every year. They have just launched 99% and which serve as the research arm of Behance. The name comes from Thomas Edison’s quote that “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” and they want to focus on what happens after inspiration and research the forces that truly push ideas to fruition. There is already some great content on the site like an interview with Ze Frank creator of one of the best podcasts ever – The Show with Ze Frank and the complete version of the Scott Thomas lecture from the 99% conference on designing the Obama campaign. It is worth checking out on a regular basis.

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