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Hasbro and Google make the world your Monopoly board


Hasbro soft launched a new site today called Monopoly City Streets that promotes their new board game of the same name. The site takes the game from the flat board game in to any street in the world – literally. Built on Google Maps the site gives the player $3 million in virtual cash to buy pretty much any street in the world and then build 3D buildings on their purchases. I bought Gates Avenue in Brooklyn and can get more money by logging into the site every day which earns me rent on the properties I built there. That money will then let me build bigger buildings and get more rent. The game then gets more complicated as you can get Chance cards that let you sabotage opponents by building  prisons or sewage plants on their’ streets or knocking down their properties altogether. The ultimate goal for players is to reach the billionaire level and qualify for the Monopoly World Championships. The site soft launched today and is running really slowly hopefully only because they are trying to load balance their servers. The official launch will in October and it will run for four months.

I like the concept and the mash-up of the game and Google Maps to create something new. I just hope that the back-end issues get fixed by launch.

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