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The Puma stock ticker with benefits

I think Puma has been able to create the first experience that makes the wild swings in the international financial markets into something entertaining with the Puma Index iPhone app. The app uses real financial data from the Dow, German (DAX) and Australian (ASX) markets to control the amount of clothes on male and female models.  If the market is up the models in the app get dressed in layers and if the market tanks then the models strip down to their Puma Bodywear.

This application follows the holy trinity of application success where your content has to be either funny, sexy or functional. This one clearly falls into the sexy category with a key twist that makes all the difference in keeping it from becoming an open once and delete experience.  Since they tied application content to the dynamic nature of the financial markets it stays dynamic.  That creates a sense that you need to keep coming back to check in on the app throughout the day and the week to see what you are missing.  Each one of those exposure shows you more and more of their clothes and builds a bigger and bigger brand impression. The average consumer probably isn’t that tuned into that level of the experience and simply enjoy watching the show and that is what makes it so successful.

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