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R(eally)/G(iant) A(ssholes)

Take one disgruntled employee, add social technology and you get (R(eally)/G(iant) A(ssholes)) which is directed at the agency R/GA. The site is written by an ex-R/GA employee who recounts his slow and meandering departure from the agency. The story is all over the place as it starts out with his problems with co-workers and then moves on to him being accused and fired for looking at porn all day, probably on PornHub or

This trend of ex-employees creating anti-employer sites is thanks to technology but I have never seen one that I thought was worth the effort. If I had been accused of looking at porn on all day I would have been out of my mind, demanded the list of sites, times of day they were viewed, length of site visits and I would have posted all of that in my story as proof I was being set-up. In this case the author choses to stay anonymous which I don’t get because you want to tell us all your story about how you were wronged but not tell us who you are? You want to clear your name then gibe us some proof, your name or anything solid that would keep this from becoming a throw away oddity for bloggers like me.

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