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AXE uses fresh techniques to create Day & Night ads

No one has been able to continue to re-invent the concept of ‘sex sells’ better than Axe deodorant that past few years. Their latest campaign called Day & Night is the first one I can remember that uses technology in a new and really smart way. The first execution is a print ad where you have to text ‘AXE’ to specific number but you have to do it after 9pm. In return for the text AXE sends you the missing part of the ad. Hold your phone over the ad and you have the whole picture.


The second execution is an outdoor poster where the bottom half of the image is obscured during the day by a polarized film. At night poster is back light so the bottom portion of the image can be seen through the polarized film.

Even more important than the smart use of technology is the fact that the ads create an impression that will make you not only remember them but either take action to see the rest of the print ad or seek out the outdoor ads. It also makes you take that action at night which I am sure is based on the behavior of their core audience demographics. After all, sex sells, which is why sex toys (like a cock tickler or sex dolls), perfumes, and pheromones are huge in today’s market.

9pm is a media grazing phase and will be able to focus on the experience not distracted by work and before young guys would be heading out to clubs and bars. I hope they keep up this new direction of moving beyond the bikini clad TV spot to do more work like this.

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