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The best iPhone apps for designers & creatives

I have been traveling a lot lately and have found some pretty cool iPhone apps that will make working on the road easier and more entertaining.

PhotoKeys: Photoshop Remote – $2.99

I am 6′ 4″ and wedging myself in to a coach airline seat is bad enough but trying to do anything in Photoshop is nearly impossible because I can barely get to the trackpad let alone the keyboard. In those cases Photoshop Remote has been a lifesaver because it puts the entire Photoshop toolbar, as well as many useful shortcuts like Cut/Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo and  Open/Save into a fullscreen iPhone app.
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AirMouse – $2.99

Made by the same people that brought you Photoshop Remote, Air Mouse basically turns your iPhone into a really well designed trackpad, wireless remote or Logitech MX mouse replacement. It is clear there was a lot of time spent polishing the interface and responsiveness because it is a quality mouse substitute when you are on the go.
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KERN & EYE vs. EYE – $0.99 each

If you are a designer then these two games will be right up your alley.  Kern is a game that has you drop a missing letter into a word and based on your accuracy and the height or leading is it is dropped from determines your points. Eye vs. eye lets you compete against against a fellow designer to see how can more accurately match a color from memory. The better the match the higher the score.  Both are a fun design centric diversion when you are on the road or a need a break from a late night work session.
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myPantone – $9.99

If you have ever been in a client meeting or design session and needed to know what a certain Pantone number looked like then app is for you. You can also build color libraries, extract colors from photos, generate harmonious color combinations and cross reference colors against other Pantone color libraries. It is a lot cheaper and easier than lugging around your Pantone color books.
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