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  • IKEA turns Facebook into their own showroom

    Forsman and Bodenfors turns Facebook tagging into a promotional tool for the opening of Ikea’s new store in Malmo, Sweden. Forsman...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesNovember 27, 2009
  • To everyone this Thanksgiving…

    In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone that reads, comments and...

    RantingStephen GatesNovember 26, 2009
  • uses AR to bring the dressing room home

    Everyone hates having to wedge themselves into a cramped dressing room flooded with never flattering fluorescent lighting but you now have...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesNovember 24, 2009
  • Orange smartly uses social media to create Friend-o-Meter

    The U.K. mobile provider Orange has created one of the most interesting uses of Facebook and Twitter connect that I have...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesNovember 19, 2009
  • Periodic Table of Typefaces

    As a type hound I thought this table of popular, influential and notorious type faces was pretty cool. You can get...

    Great resourceStephen GatesNovember 19, 2009
  • Art Directors Club new logo minus the art direction

    After nearly 90 years of service to the creative community the Art Directors Club has decided to re-design their iconic logo...

    BrandingStephen GatesNovember 17, 2009
  • Mountain Dew Crowdsources Agency Review and Selection

    PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew is taking a new tact on their agency review for their $100 million-plus business by letting consumers pick...

    Digital cultureStephen GatesNovember 17, 2009
  • sex drugs helvetica bold

    So if you are in the market for a good typography / design based t-shirt and have already bought one of...

    Great resourceStephen GatesNovember 10, 2009
  • Trivial Pursuit renews the war of the sexes

    Trivial Pursuit wants to know which sex is smarter and is trying to find out with the Trivial Pursuit Experiment. You...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesNovember 10, 2009
  • What do you think of the new

    I was contacted by Microsoft today asking for my opinion of a preview they just launched for a redesign of

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesNovember 5, 2009
  • VW drives GTI launch with just an iPhone app

    VW has decided to launch their new 2010 GTI soley through a new iPhone app that is an independent level of...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesNovember 4, 2009
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