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Trivial Pursuit renews the war of the sexes


Trivial Pursuit wants to know which sex is smarter and is trying to find out with the Trivial Pursuit Experiment. You log in and join your corresponding gender team, answer a question correctly and increase your team’s points. If you get the question right then you get are treated to a YouTube video featuring the other sex in a not so fine moments and if you get it wrong you also get a video with your sex having less then their finest moment.

It is a fun distraction but doesn’t have the innovation and lasting draw of the Monopoly City Streets online game. I think this is due to the fact that the Trivia Pursuit game makes your opponent a generic number removing the individual opponents and rivalries you have in Monopoly. I also wonder if there is a load balancing mechanism so the outcome is based on the same number of questions on both sides and not just the raw amount of answers which would skew the results. It runs through December 31st so we will see how it ends up then.

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