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Graph the fold with Google Labs Browser Tool


One of the incredibly talented front end developers I have the pleasure to work with sent me a heads up to an interesting tool from Google Labs I hadn’t seen before called Browser Size. It is an interesting new take on the ‘above the fold’ tools we have seen and used to check the initial visible area on common browsers. The tool lets you input a URL and the site in then pulled up under a colored graph that shows what percentage of your audience will be able to see your content can be seen without scrolling. Depending on the contrast of your site it is a good idea to adjust the opacity of the overlay so you can really see where the lines fall across your site. I ran a few different sites I have designed through it and the only problem I found was that it was  built for left justified sites. With some tinkering you can get some idea of percentages of a center justified site but is isn’t the same. It is an interesting alternative to a programs I have used in the past like xScope and it would be great to have the next version move it into an application so it could be used with off line sites still in development or design comps since that is the stage where this type of information is the most critical.

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  1. Erica Hussein Ryan

    December 17, 2009 at 4:58 am

    ahh! thanks for sharing. this is going to be quite useful.

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