To Top – finally real online typography?

Any and every digital designer has had to do the same dance with their clients for years.  You have to either make the whole site in Flash or graphics to get the right type face and throw content SEO out the window or try to broker an understanding that on their Web site there are so very few fonts that they could actually use. CSS has been able to take some of the pain out of the process but it still isn’t as easy to implement and deploy the fonts as we wish it could be. Enter as the first service I ‘ve seen that looks to try and solve this long standing problem by giving you access to a wide variety type foundries from around the world that they host and you access through CSS classes, IDs, or HTML tags. The service ranges from a free trial that limits you to a small type library where you can use just 2 fonts for one site up to $250 a year service that gives you access to their entire library for 40 sites. It is an intriguing and very appealing idea to be able to access and quickly deploy quality type face. I just found this today and so far have just had time to set up a trial account and browse through the font libraries which are well laid out. I am plan to spend the next few days testing in on my blog to see how it performs and will be abel soon with a verdict.

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