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MySpace U.K. Makes Music with Facebook

Johnathan Hills and the guys over at Domani Studio have not been resting on their shiny new FWA of the year win and have been busy with the recently launched site for MySpace U.K.. The site turns to either Facebook Connect, you read that right, or the new MySpace version of Connect called MySpaceID to allow users to create personalized videos with major music stars like 50 cent, Alicia Keys and Lostprophets. It’s honestly one of the best external uses of Facebook content I have ever seen as your profile photo is seamlessly integrated into the videos that were all shot specifically for the site to be able to create the effect. It os funny to login, choose some of the video clips and then call a friend over to see their reaction. Now is MySpace could just figure out a way to make their actual site as cool as this experience…

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  1. Silent K

    August 21, 2010 at 11:38 am

    Just noticing, now, that you posted about this – I was actually the Producer on this one when I was still with DS. Working with BBH London as well as the team at MySpace presented an interesting challenge, but everyone truly had their heart in it for this one. Without the strong ethic of the cumulative team we would not have emerged with this strong product (nor would we have won a ‘site of the day’ award from FWA).

    The login method was an interesting situation. The site was initially supposed to only leverage Facebook Connect as the sole method of login. Clearly that seemed like a mixed brand message for MySpace to be sending upon re-launching/re-branding the only real successful product that they have: MySpace Music. But with a site that was specifically designed to work with Facebook Connect, retro-fitting it after the fact for use with MySpaceID provided a clear indicator of the shortcomings of MySpaceID and the disorganized nature of those responsible for it. Still, we made it work by the skin of our Safaris.

    MySpace’s only true product these days is still MySpace music – which was really just the luck of the draw that so many artists happened to use it. And I wonder how long before SoundCloud grabs that from them.

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