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Why did Belgian ad agencies go on strike this week?

Nineteen advertising agencies including JWT, Ogilvy, BBDO and Saatchi in Belgium launched a virtual strike this week to try and change the number of agencies asked to pitch any piece of new business. This has been an increasing problem worldwide and it was most publicly exposed in the Zappos pitch last year that ballooned to over 100 agencies. For that pitch the agency Ignited used Google Analytics to calculated that Zappos viewed only five pages of its 25-page submission with an average page-view time of 14 seconds. This type of behavior should never happen and in the 1990’s the UAB and ACC developed a charter to define the rules for agency pitches and it was signed by all the big agencies.  The virtual strike is being done to try and draw attention back to that document and get it back to being the rules of the road. The strike is being executed as a letter that is broken up into 19 pieces and displayed across the websites of the 19 different agencies.  You can see the whole thing by starting here. I love seeing the industry come together to make a statement like this and I hope it has an effect.

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