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Dear Adobe, want Flash on the iPhone & iPad? Here’s the plan…

In the little over three weeks since the announcement of the iPad and my subsequent article on Apple snubbing Adobe Flash I have had a parade of emails and conversations with friends and colleagues about the subject. Honestly it has quickly grown tiresome to rehash the same points again and again. This feud between Apple and Adobe has all the maturity and poise of two small children pouting over a spilled glass of milk, holding their breath till they turn blue and pointing the blame at the other one. So in my limited wisdom I have hatched a four step plan to end all this bickering and discussion – Adobe listen up and take notes.

1. Go to nearest Apple Store with Adobe corporate American Express and buy and iPhone and iPad.

2. Pull your best development teams from creating new real time effects or in-application Papervision 3D clones that will do nothing but continue to inflate Flash Player and we will only use for one project so we can say we know how to use them.

3. Have development team create a mobile version of Flash Player that will run on the iPhone and iPad without destroying the battery life or being a complete resource hog.

4. Hold very publicized press conference showing how well new Flash Player works on said iPhone and iPad. End press conference with “And we are waiting to hear from Apple with timing for when they are going to adopt this new player that addresses all of their issues.”

Like all good plans it is simple and takes control of the conversation by putting Apple on their heels for a change. This one is free but next time you are on your own…

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