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Facebook Redesign circa 2006, sort of…

First, sorry for no posts lately.  The new year brought a reorganization at work that has ben buried in new work and responsibilities but  the posts will start flowing again soon and I have a lot of good stuff on deck.

Today I saw an interesting article that from December 2006 to February 2007 the agency IA were in touch with the product manager at Facebook trying to redesign their site. The contract was never signed and they kept their designs in the drawer until now. I always find this proposed redesign exercise to be interesting but the problem with all of this is that the designs they posted aren’t from 2006. Saying that “The web is not the same anymore and neither are we.” they took their “sketches” and created these comps “to contemporary design standards”. For me this makes the quality of the work really hard to judge because without the original wireframes you can’t tell really get a sense of how pure the designs are or how much they were effected by the adaptation. None the less it is interesting to read the thinking behind the work.

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