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I love Mike Hughes

Anyone who has followed advertising for any period of time will instantly recognize the name Mike Hughes as one of the leaders of the Martin Agency in Richmond Virginia. Since joining the agency in 1978 as a copywriter Mike went on to becomes Creative Director and under his leadership Martin grew from a regional ad agency to a national powerhouse with clients like GEICO transcending advertising to become pop-culture icons.

Over the course of my career I had heard stories from industry friends about Mike and they always sounded a bit too good to be true. After one meeting him I found out they were all more than likely completely true.

I first met him a number of years ago when I was summoned to Richmond to interview for their newly formed interactive creative director position. I arrived at the agency, checked in at the front desk and based on past interviews I sat down to wait for some mid-level assistant to come and escort me to conference room for the days festivities.  Instead I was greeted by the man himself and we adjourned to the coffee shop next door to the agency and we spent the next two hours talking.  It consisted of 10 minutes flipping through my portfolio and 2 hours of one of the best design and advertising conversations I can remember. So even though we couldn’t get a workable deal together on that job it was evident why he has been so successful and why everyone speaks so well of him.

So as someone I greatly admire, am proud to be able to call an industry friend and an extremely worthy adversary on more than a few pieces of new business, I am very happy to congratulate Mike on his induction into the One Club Hall of Fame this week. If you want to share some love of your own check out where you can leave it in this interactive yearbook style site.

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