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Adobe hearts Apple

So if you browsed over to Engadget, The New York Times or a number of other sites this morning you probably noticed that Adobe has launched a fairly full-force new ad campaign, microsite, full page in today’s Washington Post and and a letter from Adobe’s founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock to answer Apple’s string of anti-Flash decisions and comments.  The heart of the campaign and the line “What we don’t love is anybody taking way your freedom to choose what you create, how you create it and what you experience on the web.”.

Given Apple’s attack dog stance on the issue I think it is smart to play this angle and paint them as the 1984 style big brother who is suppressing creative freedom while Adobe just wants everyone to have creative freedom. But that being said I think they could have done so much more to really make their case and exposing all of this rhetoric from Apple for what it really is.. Of the two brands Adobe is the only one who can really change the conversation at this point by showing Flash running on the iPhone and iPad but it seems that will never happen and they are going to concentrate on the other mobile platforms instead. Who knows where this drama will go next…

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