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The Ego Is Still Blogging Nine Years Later

I recently got nostalgic did some research through my archives and realized that I have had my dates wrong for a long time and I been writing and sending my rants, opinions and advice out into cyber space in one form or another for nine years today. All of this started before I even knew what a blog was and I create the ‘Rants’ section of my old portfolio site that was named as an homage to Dennis Milller’s HBO TV show. That section of my site made a five year run before it became this blog which has been published for four years today. After nine years I look back at the first post and I still love it for it’s introspective tone and that right from the start I questioned what it takes to embark on something so completely self serving. The title of the piece is still as true as ever – The Ego is Blogging.

So as we head into year ten I can only hope some or all of this has made a difference to someone. As with the last few birthdays my only request remains the same – make a damn comment once and a while.  Let me know what you think about all of this good or bad because there is nothing worse for a creative than talking to yourself.

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