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Adobe Museum of Digital Media

An interesting development at the Canne Advertising Festival keynote today as Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and members of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners unveiled the new Adobe Museum of Digital Media which is described as the world’s first virtual museum dedicated to digital art and innovation. The mission of museum was stated as showcasing and preserving groundbreaking digital work and expert commentary to illustrate how digital media shapes and impacts today’s society. It also seems that it will also work as an artists colon where artists and innovators will be able to create work that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional museum. They have already announced that the first exhibition will launch on August 2nd and video artist Tony Oursler, RISD president John Maeda and Japanese artist Mariko Mori are all working on exhibits. The teaser site has a video about the museum space but nothing that really gives you any idea about how you will experience it. The whole project really intrigues me because of the fact that it is focused on creating new and experimental content as well archiving great work which has been done for years on other sites like FWA or WebDesignFile. We will see on August 2nd when can all experience the virtual museum for ourselves.

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