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Kmart In-store Gaming Reviews

In an effort to make the Kmart brand more relevant to a wider and younger audience they have decided launch a new initiative focusing on the gaming community. The brand is turning to gamers to post game reviews on and snippets of the best ones will find their way to actual store shelves next to the games themselves. The space on the shelf label is limited so you have to  treat the review almost like a Twitter post and they ask that it is helpful, constructive, well-written and will keep in mind a broad audience beyond diehard gamers. It is an interesting attempt to extend community building beyond the digital space but with the huge amount of existing gaming communities I think this will drive marginal game sales among existing customers instead of shifting new consumers to shop at Kmart.

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  1. Daniel Honigman

    July 14, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Thanks for writing about this, Stephen.

    The goal here, really, is not just to generate reviews, but we wanted to take a step in bridging our online and in-store experiences.

    If experienced gamers can share their gaming thoughts and opinions with more novice gamers — think someone’s mom buying a birthday gift — then we think this is a good step in connecting these communities as well.

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