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The Audi Spectacle – billboards evolved

Last week I cam across some really interesting work by the Access Agency which is a multi-disciplinary agency lead by Bill Tikos the found of The project was called The Audi Spectacle which explores the idea that outdoor advertising has lost it’s effectiveness so if you want to reach consumers you need to create a spectacle. Also because of media savvy, social media infused lifestyles the spectacle needs to go beyond the final creation to include the anticipation, the process of creation, the engineering of the installation and the launch event. In this case it is four life-size Audi cars suspended inside the silver rings of a massive Audi symbol that are then attached to an iconic landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge or the Tower Bridge in Venice. The rings rotate, light-up and move up and down the the structures to create a kinetic piece of branded art.

I think this approach is based in some really solid insights into how people consume media these days and the lengths you need to go through to break through all the advertising clutter. I also like it because the solution is so brand and product focused as they found a way for the solution to include their logo and their products. Based on the language in the case study and and mock-up look of the photos I am assuming this was pitch work but it I think there is a lot of great thinking and insights here that could lead to a really interesting new direction in outdoor advertising.

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