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MINI Getaway Stockholm

Mini has launched a pretty cool iPhone app driven driven real world game for the launch of the new MINI Countryman.The game starts out with the simple challenge of asking you to find a virtual Mini located somewhere in Stockholm.  Once you are within 50 meters of the Mini a button appears and you can take the Mini for yourself.  You then realize that since you have taken possession of the Mini that other people are then trying to come after you to take it if they are within 50 meters of you. The app screen then changes over to show you the enemies that are coming for the car. At the end if you have the virtual Mini in your phone after one week you win a real version of the car. I think it’s a great concept because it utilizes the players in the game to keep the game going so it’s constantly in motion and energized by new players who don’t let it die off after the initial thrill wears off.

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