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Real world experiences bring Tron Legacy to life

It’s funny how the smallest things can set us down a path that will change the rest of your life. For me the lightcycle sequence in the original TRON was one of those things because it was unlike anything I had ever seen and I became obsessed with 3D animation. That obsession influenced my decision on where to go to college to peruse 3d animation and work as a 3D animator after I graduated.  So I am more than a little excited about the new movie Tron: Legacy.

One of the promotional items for the upcoming movie was created by Coke Zero called LiveCycle which draws on other real life games like the Mini Getaway Stockholm to create a real life version of the Tron Lightcycles game. Running the LiveCycle application turns you and your smartphone into a lightcycle that draws a wall behind as you move through the city.  The more opponents that run into your wall the more points you score but don’t get cute because there is a speed limit detector that will keep you from jumping in your car.

Another TRON incarnation has appeared on London’s Southbank using projection mapping technology to bring the QEH to life in with visuals and the Daft Punk soundtrack. Inside you will find a re-creation of Flynn’s Arcade with original TRON arcade games, a Light Cycle replica and the TRON: Evolution video game.

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