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Tweet Wrap – Twitter wrapping paper

Samsung recently launched an interesting holiday themed twist on how you can use Twitter with Tweetwrap. It allows you to create and customize your own holiday wrapping paper with a selection of holiday tweets or enter your favorite user to customize just for them. You can then download your pattern, share it through Facebook / Twitter or order a roll through the site. Once you printed out or received your roll, wrap your presents and then take a picture of them for a chance to win various Samsung prizes.  The rolls were free for the first 3000 orders but those have already been snapped up so now it will cost you $6.95 plus shipping to get yours.

This is one of those projects were I like the concept, the personalization and the expression social media in a real world context but I just don’t see what this has to do with Samsung.  I think it is a really big missed opportunity to not have a at least a conceptual connection to the brand or the product you are trying to promote.  Without having that connection you are putting the brand and product in a secondary  role where the final result is that you remember the Twitter wrapping paper site but forget what brand it was for. I know I’m a broken record but I think that these types of campaigns where you only have an interesting idea isn’t enough because in the end it fails for the client who ultimately won’t see the results or sell the product which was the real point of the assignment.

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